Prayer List

David & Teresa Igono: 1-23

Please pray for a family Reese went to PreK with last year. They unexpectedly lost their father/husband leaving behind a 5 year old & 2 year old. Please pray for God to comfort their family in this dark time, we are not sure of their faith.

Xiao: 10-20

Please pray for my mom. She is having reaction to flu shot and pneumonia shot. Thank you all for your prayers!

Kayla Johnson: 10-18

My sweet friend, Katy Pugh who used to attend here, is at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their first baby! She would love prayer for a safe delivery!

Mike Ignas: 10-16

Please pray for my best friend’s mom, Mary Lou Skertic. She is 93 and battling for her life - she has Covid. I don’t know if she is a believer.

Update: 1-22

Praise and continued prayer request: My best friend’s mom, Mary Lou, who is 93 had Covid. Thank you for your prayers — she is out of the hospital and back to her room in assisted living. Please continue to pray for her though as she regains her strength.


Please pray for a pastor who has Covid-19.

Anonymous: 10-15

One of my coworkers’s position was eliminated early this year. She hasn’t been able to find anything since then. Please pray for God’s hand to open doors for her. Strengthen her faith again, be with her family, provide for her again! She is a believer.

Gina Marcucci: 10-13

My sister’s husband, George, was admitted to the hosp in KY yesterday with a severe bowel blockage. Prayers for healing from this and other health issues, and for my sister. They are both believers.

Update: 10-17

Brother-law-George released from hosp. doing much better. Unspoken prayers for him for more issues.

David & Teresa Igono: 10-13

Please prayer for our brother in Christ, Rob. He had surgery at noon to remove a lymph node for biopsy. Please pray that this would help reveal the cause of all of his pain, and that it would lead to healing if the Lord wills. Thank you!

Gina Marcucci: 10-12

My friend Lynn (lives in Maine) is undergoing emergency double bypass surgery today. Adding to the stress is a drug addict daughter that just moved back with her, and a son in SC that is estranged . Prayers for healing of body and healing of family.

Update: 10-17

Friend Lynn who had double By-pass is doing well and in step-down unit.

Sasha: 10-12

Praise the Lord! We just received Travis’ PET/CT results and no abnormal cells or malignancy were detected. Thank you for your prayers.

Lori Talton: 10-12

Please pray for Journey Church in Raleigh, NC (this is my son’s Landon church). Pastor Jimmy Carroll passed away this morning due to pneumonia. Pastor Jimmy was lead pastor (& planted ) Journey Church. Pray for his wife Bev & son Austin.

Sandra Stough: 10-11

My Sweetheart is coming home on Wednesday! Bob is total care. Please pray for our family as we circumnavigate this new life together.

Mike Ignas: 10-10

My closest friend’s mother has COVID-19. Mary Lou Skertic. Pray for a quick recovery in the nursing home.

Jessica: 10-10

I’ve been having health issues/trouble sleeping - heart issues and have been really sick. Please pray that the Lord would heal me. I also have an unspoken.

Anonymous: 10-10

Please pray for a Godly man who is being persecuted for showing kindness and doing God's work.

Robert L.: 10-10

Please pray for a woman seeking a divorce. Pray she opens her heart to Jesus and allows the Holy Spirit to come upon her and that God would restore her marriage.