Prayer List

Mike Walker: 12-4
My mother passed away at 10:17 pm Sunday. Thank you for your prayers.

Amy Williams: 12-4

My dad is having a procedure today. Pray that God gives the doctors & his health care team the wisdom, compassion, and skill to navigate all his health issues. Pray that God will give both my mom & dad God's supernatural strength & peace. Thank you!

Rachel Wagner: 12-3
Julius was unable to have his adenoids/tubes surgery a few weeks ago because his lungs were not clear enough. He goes in tomorrow morning to try again if you'd pray for him and his surgeon. Thank you.
Update:  Julius was able to have his surgery this morning, and it went very well! Thank you all for your prayers.

Xiao Lawson: 12-3
Please pray for more effective/non-invasive cancer cures coming. Particularly for my type of cancer.  Pray that God's mercy keeps my body from experiencing side effects. Thank you all for praying for me.

Mike Walker: 12-3
My 101-year-old mother is now bedridden and is on Hospice. Please pray for peace and comfort for her and the family in these last days. Mom is a believer. Glory to God! Thank You.

Serhii: 12-1
Please pray for God's protection in my life.

Dan Plume: 11-30
Please pray for Lana, she has a bad kidney infection and has been in the hospital for 2 days with little relief. Please pray that they can get the nausea under control quickly. 

Sam Frasher: 11-30
Chad has a liver biopsy in the morning at 7. Please pray for Chad, skill and wisdom for the doctors, and for answers from this biopsy. 

Diane Rudash: 11-30
My son's deposition is today. We are fighting to have partial custody of his child. Please pray he stays calm and anxiousness is lifted from his body. Pray God gives him the right words to say and he only speaks the truth of all his actions. Pray that God puts a hand on his shoulders and soothes him. Pray for the hope that we can bring her home to meet her WV family.

Amy Williams: 11-30
We'd appreciate prayers for my dad & mom as they navigate my dad's kidney disease, regulating medicines, and low blood pressure. Pray that transportation goes smoothly today from the hospital to an important doctor's appointment and back. His last transport between hospitals was horrible so we are hoping for a better experience today. Continued prayers for compassionate & wise care from his healthcare team.

Rachel Trickett: 11-30
Please pray for Kelly and Craig. Kelly is in the middle of a 6-hour open heart surgery right now. Please pray that God will be with all the surgeons, and nurses during this and that God's will will be done with Kelly and Craig.
Update: Praise the Lord! Kelly came through surgery with flying colors. She gets moved out of ICU into a normal room tomorrow morning. Please continue to pray for healing and God's will. 

Anonymous: 11-30
Please pray for my son as he fasts today and tomorrow. He has a desire to be a better person for God and overcome his personal struggles with sin. He's in his mid-teens, so it's very admirable that he decided on his own to do this. I pray that he can overcome the difficulties of the next couple of days as the enemy will be fighting him. Thank you all.

Anonymous: 11-29
Please pray for my daughter and her husband. They are both believers but their marriage is struggling. Please pray for God’s will, accountability in their lives, and that they will find a good church. Thank you. 

Emily Reitz: 11-26
Dayne(Bean) Reitz had a pretty rough day today. His little hand got pulled into a treadmill, resulting in a trip to the ER. His skin is torn and he is really hurting. Please pray God will restore his hand and spirits. Also please pray for Dan and myself. Dan flipped a four-wheeler while sighting in his rifle and is having terrible back and chest pain, and I have a herniated disc in my back.

Rachel Trickett: 11-26
Please continue to pray for my neighbor Debbie and her children. We are in the midst of the holiday season and they are scattered due to losing their home to fire. Please pray that God will help them not only financially but spiritually. They lost absolutely everything. It is definitely taking a toll on them.