Prayer List

Missi Dower: 9-28

Please pray for my mom, she has had a bad couple of days from chemotherapy and my dad is taking her to the hospital. I pray that she is just very dehydrated and they can give her fluids and get her symptoms under control. We still do not know how many more treatments they plan to do. Pray for healing and restoration of her body.

Brooke Huntington: 9-26

Please pray for a family friend Joe who is in ICU with complications from surgery. Please pray for his family to navigate all the extra issues Covid has brought on them. Thank you for praying with us.

Xiao: 9-25

Please pray the lump on my neck is benign, they will see me on Tuesday.

Anonymous: 9-25

Please pray for our family navigating through new, uncomfortable situations. Also asking God to work in a miraculous way, as only He can, within an upcoming situation next week. A very important, life changing matter.

Mike Ignas: 9-24

Praise: My meeting went very well today! A big thanks to everyone who lifted me up in prayer!


Please pray for Joshua. He was in an accident and injured his neck.

Carole Rehm: 9-22

Ken has scar tissue forming where retina was repaired. He had to have it lasered this morning. If that doesn’t fix he will have surgery again on 10-7.

Gail Smith: 9-20

My great niece who is an infant is on life support in Ruby and her brother who is 6 has been taken from the family. Please pray for healing for Sutton and for the whole family.

Update: 9-21

My great niece is doing good today! Got rid of eeg monitor and also one of the tubes in her head. They plan to take her off the the ventilator tomorrow.

Sandra Stough: 9-16

My Step Father passed at 9:20 last evening. Mother is heartbroken. Praying for her Peace.

Bob is 36 days in Ruby isolation. Continue prayer for his Peace. Thank you.

Update: 9-17

Bob stood up with assistance today! He didn't feel well after that. Thank you for your prayers.

Teresa Igono: 9-15

Please pray for 2 of my brothers in Christ, athletes at the university. They each have scans/biopsies this afternoon of worrisome painful lymph nodes. Please pray for God’s healing, and that His peace will guard their hearts & minds. And that they would fix their eyes on God’s truth and faithfulness. Thank you.