Prayer List

Nina Rudmann: 11-28

My dad, Charlie, had his second knee replacement this morning.

Prayer Request: 11-27

Please pray for Casey and his well-being.

Carole Rehm: 11-23

Ken has surgery to repair left elbow damage this morning.

Anonymous: 11-22

Please pray for Lance. He's pretty sick. Hasn't eaten since Sunday evening, fevered, throwing up, sore throat. He's been in bed since yesterday.

Chris Morise: 11-22

Please pray for 27 yr old Lindsey. She was fine yesterday but collapsed last night. She is having seizures and has coded 3 times. The doctors don't know what's wrong. She knows the Lord. 

Prayer Request: 11-22

Pray for Jane who has bile duct cancer. Pray that the Lord would comfort her family as they journey through this with her. 

Anonymous: 11-21

Please pray for my boss's daughter. She is having a really rough patch in her life right now as she is trying to finish her senior year in college.

Nina Rudmann: 11-21

My dad is having his other knee replaced today. Please pray for this one to go well and for his recovery in rehab afterward.

Update: my dad's surgery has been postponed until next Monday due to a hospital issue.

Faith Binotto: 11-18

Please pray for Leah Chloe and Jacob they have the flu. Please pray their temperatures stay down and other symptoms stay manageable. Please pray for Chris and me to stay healthy.


Please pray for Bob Barko. He has been rushed to the ER for breathing problems.

Anonymous: 11-17

Please pray for relief from tinnitus in my right ear. 

Crystal: 11-16

Four years ago today I had to tell my son, Trey, bye for now. I am thankful for the hope of seeing him again soon to never be separated. I am asking for continued prayers to be in the Lord's will each and every day. Pray for not only those who suffer from the use of substances but also those who provide the substances. Please pray the Holy Spirit puts a great conviction in their hearts that they can not ignore.

Rachel Trickett: 11-14

Today is my mom's (Christy) surgery to have her thyroid removed. Please pray for God's mercy and comfort through all of this. Please also pray for quick healing.

Update:  Praise the Lord! God is so good! My mom had her surgery yesterday morning. It ended early with no complications. She is already up and walking around and talking with no pain. They will most likely discharge her within the next few hours. Thank you so much for all your prayers for my momma (Christy).

Melanie Santiago: 11-13

Please pray for my Grandma, Kay. She had a hard fall last night and broke her femur. She had a successful surgery earlier today. Please pray for her recovery. 

Anonymous: 11-13

As the holiday season is approaching, it is a very difficult time for those who lost loved ones. Please pray for their comfort and peace that comes from Him. Thank you.

Toni Marko: 11-13

Please pray for our family today as it makes 5 years Chase has been in Heaven. Pray with us daily for the Arise group as we really want to help those struggling and their families thru GOD's word and grace. Pray they come to salvation and find GOD's strength and comfort. Thank you!

Rebecca McConnell: 11-11

Please pray for Gauge. He's at a school for kids with behavior issues and every day this week has come home telling me the vulgar things the kids talk about. One of the kids pulled out a wad of cash and was saying that they sell drugs. Just very frustrated and feel helpless about it all!

Rene McCartney: 11-10

Please pray for our friend Mike. He had a stroke two years ago when he was 52. He has been unable to speak well since his stroke and has to walk with a cane. His wife just called to tell us he was in the hospital because he had five seizures yesterday. Please pray they can figure out the issue and resolve it.

Anonymous: 11-9

A member of our family just found out he has cancer. Please pray for him.

Rachel Wagner: 11-9

Gianna seems to have come down with a stomach bug or something. She's feeling pretty yucky. Please prayer she feels better and that the boys don't get it. Thank you!

Lori Talton: 11-7

Pray for our granddaughter Callie. She has a bad stomach virus- she is able to hold down even swallow pedialyte. Pray for healing & end to this virus without dehydration. She went to the doctor yesterday, 11/7.

Kim Mocniak: 11-7

Praying for my father, Vaughn, as he begins chemotherapy treatments tomorrow for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma... Recommended six treatments, every 21 days. May he rest in God's arms of comfort and healing. Thank you.

Chris Morise: 11-5

Update: Our friend, John, is receiving his lung transplant right now! Please pray for the surgeons and John but also for the family of the one who donated their lung.

Update: Thankful for John's new lungs. His heart is very swollen and they are keeping his chest open till the swelling goes down. The doctors said it's truly a miracle he is alive and got a lung this quickly. Please continue to pray against transplant rejection and healing. Our God is amazing!

Chad Marsh: 11-5

Pray for my father in law Randy's mother, Marjorie, my wife Kara's grandmother. She fell Wednesday and was admitted to Ruby today due to her pain. She is 97.

Sadie Dunn: 11-4

Please pray for Cara. She had relapsed and is seeking treatment again. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open her eyes to the Truth and the sufficiency of Christ as she goes forward.

Shannon Barr: 11-3

My grandmother went home to be with the Lord sometime this morning. She lived a full spirit-filled life for 91 years. Pray the gospel goes out during the services with power convicting of sin righteousness and judgment to come! Thanks.

Anonymous: 11-3

Please pray for my brother; he was involved in a terrible auto accident. Please pray the difficulty ultimately brings my brother to salvation and please pray for the other driver's family.

Chris Morise: 11-2

Urgent prayer is needed for a pastor friend who needs a lung transplant immediately. Please pray that a lung that is a match would become available soon.

Faith Binotto: 11-2

For the past several weeks the kids and I have been battling different colds and just passing them back and forth to each other. Please pray we get better and can go more than 2 or 3 days before one of us gets sick again. Currently, Leah and I are the ones not feeling well.

Dee: 11-1

My son with AML has been moved to University of CO Medical Center. They will continue his treatment and do the stem cell transplant. Please continue to lift him in prayer. Thank you.

Abby Custer: 10-31

My sister's mother-in-law is being moved to a nursing home today. She is in her early 60s and has dementia after suffering a mini-stroke a few years ago. Her condition has declined very quickly over the past few years. Please pray for the family as they navigate this transition, and for peace in their decision. Thank you.

Jeromy Tichner: 10-31

My cousin in Illinois has been fighting lung cancer and was admitted to the ER with pneumonia and a fever. I am unsure of his relationship with God.

Dee: 10-27

Pray for our son to be transferred to the University of CO this weekend. Working on logistics. Maybe part of a clinical trial. Thanks.

Aaron Johnson: 10-27

Kayla and I are about 7 weeks along in pregnancy that we thought had miscarried. We came to the ER and found that she likely has an ectopic pregnancy that has miscarried and is now going into diagnostic surgery to confirm and treat as needed.

Update: Kayla's surgery went well. She is awake and ready to be home with Joelle. She had a large cyst and bleeding on her fallopian tubes. They weren't able to confirm pregnancy or miscarriage - we'll have to follow up Monday - but she had no other damage. We expect to be discharged within the next couple of hours. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragements.

Anonymous: 10-27

Please pray for Amy and her family. Her husband is starting radiation treatments for liver cancer, her infant grandson with serious health issues/infection, and her daughter going into the hospital for an induction with gestational diabetes. They could sure use some prayers for peace and healing. Thank you so much for praying.

Rachel Trickett: 10-27

Please pray for a client's friend, Paul Braham, who has very recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. Pray for healing and comfort. Salvation is unknown.

Rachel Wagner: 10-26

My cousin and her husband have had fertility issues. She has her first embryo transfer tomorrow! Please pray for God's will to be done in the situation. They are not believers, so also please pray for their salvation.

Mike Walker: 10-26

Our friend's son-in-law passed away the other night. He was 45 years old. Pray for peace and comfort for the family, please. Thank you.

Holly Ignas: 10-26

Please pray for our son-in-law's friend, Nate. Nate had colon cancer years ago and just had results come back that they will need to remove part of his small intestine. He has two kids and is an amazing guy. Thank you!

Prayer Request: 10-26

Please pray for Lynn Hime's mother, Susan. She is having heart issues. 

Update: Please continue praying for Susan as she is on her way to Mon Valley Hospital. 

Dee: 10-25

My son has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Please pray for treatment to work. Pray for direction on where to go for a stem cell transplant and a donor. This is a long-term prayer request. Thank you.

Rebecca McConnell: 10-24

Please pray that God would soften Gauge's heart, he's being very vicious and nasty to me today! Also is very disrespectful to teachers and peers. Please pray he would learn to be accountable and respectful!

Michael Ignas: 10-24

Please pray for our son-in-law, Doug Kinnes. He has a 90-minute Zoom interview on Wednesday. May this door open if it's God's will.

Jennifer Beckner: 10-24

Please pray for the Stouffer family. Their house caught on fire last night . They are dealing with smoke inhalation but all are safe. Their home is drastically damaged.

Tyler and Liz Etris: 10-24

Please pray for our daughter Hannah who is battling a severe cough. Thank you.