Prayer List


Please pray for Steve who is at the hospital with an aortic tear and who had a stroke. Please pray for protection from any infection and for healing.


A man in our fellowship suspects he has had a heart attack today. Pray for wisdom and healing.

Sheryl Snider: Update: 1-16

Thanks for all the prayers for Mark. He did so well with the cath procedure and was able to come home. God was with him during the surgery and was with us all the icy way home, of course!

Sadie Dunn: 1-15

Our friend from Maine, Leroy, is on a ventilator due to Covid. Please pray for his healing.

Mike Walker: 1-14

Praise God for the birth of my grandson Landon Walker Ziese! Baby and mother are doing fine.

Gina Marcucci: 1-14

My cousin Becky had a successful single lung transplant back in early June 2020. She is now in the hospital with Covid. Please pray for her protection and healing.

Sasha: 1-14

We’re at the hospital. They believe Travis may be experiencing adrenal crisis. They’re starting the testing now.

Rachel Wagner: 1-12

Gianna’s CT is tomorrow at 11. Please pray that she wouldn’t have any issues with the anesthesia, that she would do okay with the not eating and getting the IV, and that the CT would show no serious issues! Also for peace for our anxious hearts and minds. Thank you!

Update: 1-13

Gianna’s CT did not end up clear as we’d hoped. We mostly understand that she has bronchiectasis in parts of both of her lungs. Still waiting for doctor to call and explain/next steps for testing and treatment plan. Please continue to pray for her healing and for our peace. I struggle with panic attacks, especially at night, and I’m having a difficult time.

Rachel Trickett: 1-3

Please pray for my mom Christy. She is in the emergency room with bilateral pneumonia. Please pray for no complications and fast recovery. She has been fighting going to the hospital because she doesn’t want to be in isolation. Do please also pray for comfort, peace at all times while she is there. I know, as tough as she is, she is scared.

Update: 1-10

Please keep my family in your prayers. On top of being sick and having pneumonia, their water tank just broke and now they have to find someone to come fix it. Please pray that they will stay encouraged and continue to show a godly light for my brothers who are there taking care of mom.

Update: 1-16

Praise update: I just got back from Charleston. What a difference a week made. Mom is up walking and talking. Noise and light aren’t making her sick anymore. She is probably 85% of her normal health. She is only lacking endurance of strength. God is so good.

Wanda Sirk: 12-31

My sister Paula was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Please pray for strength and courage to handle what is in the future and for guidance for Paula and for me, to be by her side and encourage her all the way! It is in God’s hands. Paula has also developed fluid around the lungs, plus pain from the two masses she has. Pray for relief for Paula.

Update: 1-12

I came to be with my sister, Paula, who has been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Paula has been in severe pain for at least 2 weeks. I just took her to the ER in Norfolk, for she could not stand the pain anymore. Please pray that her pain is relieved and they find right treatments to treat her. Paula is losing hope and strength to fight. I am beyond myself right now, and feel so lost. Please pray for God to help Paula and me. Pray I can give her the right answers and to be able to witness to her, and give her hope. Please pray for protection from covid, while she is in the hospital, and for our trips in and out of treatments.