The Castle

Built in 1928, the 3,400 square foot "Castle" was originally a private residence for Thoney Pietro and his family. Thoney, an Italian immigrant, grew his fortune through a successful business in masonry and infrastructure development. After living on the property for twenty-one years, he donated it to the Catholic church in 1949. Thoney desired that the property be used for the training of priests for the work of ministry. When the property was purchased by Calvary Chapel Morgantown in 2012, that vision once again become a reality. Because the building had been vacant for nearly fifteen years, water damage, plumbing and electrical issues rendered the building useless. In 2014, renovations began to repair these issues, and after nine months of work, the structure has come back to life. The castle is a great illustration of how we ourselves have been changed internally through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Click here to watch a video of Thoney Pietro's granddaughter touring the castle and sharing some of her memories.

The Campus

The entire property hosts 27,000 square feet of structural space on 34 acres of land. Today, it is used for a multitude of ministries and outreaches to the local community. With a sanctuary, commercial kitchen and fellowship hall, and a multitude of children's classrooms, it is home to over 10 different ministries each week.