And He said to him, “Arise, go your way. Your faith has made you well.”

Luke 17:19

  • Arise is a group of people who help both those struggling with addiction and their families. Some of us have lost family and friends in death caused by addiction; many of us have battled with addiction and we have struggled in the fight. Some members have tried and failed and tried again; we’ve lost friends, relationships, money, and homes. Our addictions left us in a pit we could not escape, and we cried out, in our helpless state, to the only one left listening-our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The King of Kings has rescued us out of the depths; He has given us new life, a reason to live and hope for the future. 

  • Weekly meetings

    Arise from Addiction Morgantown meets Thursday evenings at 7pm to look at recovery through the light of the Bible. There are groups for both those in recovery as well as their families. Child care is provided for ages 11 years and younger. Please call Aaron at 304.685.4434 if you need a ride. 


    The Arise group fully believes that the only cure for the sin of addiction is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Members have found freedom from a life of bondage to various forms of addictions through the study of God's Word, fellowship with His people, and prayer. Our mission is to share the freedom we have found in Christ with others suffering in addiction. 

  • Residential Treatment

    It can be a great hardship to live locally while trying to get and stay clean. The local people and places you know are often too great a temptation; going to a new area or state can help you focus on healing from your addiction. It allows for concentrated effort to build new habits and new relationships, foremost your relationship with God. 


    Arise Addiction Recovery Residential Program

    Arise Addiction Recovery Residential Discipleship

    Arise from Addiction Morgantown is affiliated with Arise Addiction Recovery in Machias, Maine; we offer referrals to their men’s residential treatment/discipleship program. 

    -Other Residential Program Links

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    Women’s Shelter on Willow


    U-Turn for Christ Pennsylvania

    Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge

arise leadership team

  • aaron & toni marko men's & women's bible study leaders

    Aaron and Toni, both from West Virginia, began attending CCM in 2014. They have served in different areas of the church, learning biblical truths and how to trust in God's word. Their hearts have been focused on those who struggle with addiction and those who love them. Aaron and Toni have seen the fullness of God's grace, love, and mercy in their own brokenness. They have trusted in His love to grow them in a way by healing their broken hearts and using their trials to help lead others to the beautiful life God has for everyone. Knowing God's word, learning to fully trust Him, and letting Him be Lord and Savior of their lives has made it possible to be able to help others. Aaron and Toni are blessed to have the chance to come alongside and minister to those who seek to find God's truth and plan for their lives beyond addiction, believing that His transforming love can make beauty from ashes.

  • Shannon & Crystal barr MEN'S & WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY LEADERS

    Shannon and Crystal were born and raised in West Virginia. They began attending CCM in 2015. They have served in several different areas; however, since 2021 they have been serving in a ministry very near and dear to their heart, Arise from Addiction. Serving in this ministry has allowed the Holy Spirit to use their brokenness to draw them closer to their Lord and Savior, ultimately enabling them to come alongside and minister to others struggling with addictions. Shannon and Crystal, through their own journey, can minister to those struggling by showing them the love of Christ and teaching them God’s Word, believing that the truth of God’s Word and the working of the Holy Spirit will lead others to the hope found only in Jesus Christ, transforming their lives.

  • carol holland women's bible study leader

    Saved by the grace of God in adulthood, I have had the privilege of serving in homeless ministry and women's jail ministry. Having experienced addiction in my life and in the lives of my family, my heart is that those struggling with addiction come to know the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who rescues and makes new creations.