Central america


  • for the team as they minister to the Starfish Home staff.
  • for the health and safety of the team. 
  • for the Starfish Home staff to be blessed and refreshed.
  • for the children in the home to heal and know the love of Jesus.
  • for transportation logistics between the lodging and the home.
  • for unity between the different teams/churches involved.

Security Information: Due to the sensitive nature of this trip, it is imperative that we maintain confidentiality about the Starfish House, the missions project and team activities. Consider sharing about the project in generic terms such as: My church is sending a team of volunteers to support staff who provide a safe home to juvenile victims of human trafficking in Central America


CCM is coordinating and deploying a missions team to support the staff of the Starfish House. The Starfish House offers juvenile victims of human trafficking a permanent, safe, home where they can live as long as they want. At the home the children's physical, spiritual, and mental needs are met through 24/7 care provided by on-site staff. These staff members have families of their own who they are caring for as well. The long-term goal is to send a team every three months to provide rest and spiritual care to the Home Staff. 

Serving Teams:

There are many teams that are needed in order for these trips to be successful. Please read the team descriptions carefully and prayerfully consider which area to serve in:

  • Direct Childcare - caring for the children in the home while the Home Staff take some time for rest, discipleship, and trauma counseling
  • Direct Staff Care - caring for the Home Staff by providing training in discipleship, trauma counseling, providing prayer, possibly helping them complete necessary projects in their own homes
  • Cooking - cooking meals for the Mission Team members - the goal is for our team to be self-supporting so as to not burden the Home Staff
  • Cosmetic/Beautician Services - We would like to serve the Home Staff by giving them a day of relaxation/spa treatments in addition to serving them spiritually. Therefore, we are in need of individuals who can provide manicure/pedicure services, hair styling/cutting/coloring, etc.
  • Security - provide security for the Mission Team members while in country
  • Medical - provide Medical services and/or medical consultation to the children in the home (Still working out the details as to how this will be accomplished. Also looking at long-term medical options and possible sponsorship with local in-country hospitals, or possible medical visa sponsorships.)
  • Language - We need individuals who can serve as translators and interpreters during the trip and individuals who can help stateside by providing conversational Spanish lessons to individuals interested in serving on the missions team. There may also be a need for translating materials to take on the trip.
  • Maintenance - complete construction and maintenance at the Starfish House, and possibly to the homes of the Home Staff
  • Prayer - be part of a prayer team who is praying specifically for the missions team and the Starfish Home. Also, be a coordinator to share requests with the church as necessary during the trip.