Prayer List

Andres Morante: 8-6

Please pray for my second cousin Kili; he had Gastric Bypass Surgery and had complications. He is in ICU. Pray for his salvation!!

Dean Van Sickle: 8-4

Asking for pray for my sister. She’s having a procedure tomorrow to put her heart back to beating properly.

Sande Morgan: 8-4

I’m taking the Praxis Reading and Math test for teacher licensure at 1 today. Please pray that I would have a clear mind and be able to recall the information needed to pass the test. Thank you!

Lana: 8-4

Please pray for Hunter. His boss called us; while they were talking Hunter fell backwards and was shaking. On our way to ER to meet them. Please pray for a good doctor that will get to the bottom of things.

Update: 8-4

Thank you for your prayers. Hunter is home from the ER, and they think he just hasn't recovered fully from when he had mono. He is exhausted all the time. He is to follow up with his family doctor. He said the Lord was very gracious, because when he passed out he fell backwards and if he fell forward he would've gone 8 ft into a metal basket full of large limestone. We are grateful for his protection. Thank you for your prayers.

Shannon Barr: 8-3

My sister-in-law Renae is taking her husband Michael to the ER; he is very sick due to his Crohns. His mom Billy Jean is at Mon Gen recovering from her surgery of a bowel resection, and her mom Dot passed onto heaven at early this morning. Their daughter Desiree struggles with seizures daily. Lift this family and their extended family for they need much prayer in this season of life.


Please pray for Wayne Talton, for healing from an illness.

Update: 8-3

Continue to pray for Wayne. He has pneumonia. Pray that the antibiotics begin to work quickly.

Update: 8-5

Wayne has been transferred to ICU. Please pray for his lungs to heal.

Mandy Carpenter: 7-28

Please pray for a dear friend of ours, Brittaney Lucas, that had a horrible accident at her home this evening. She fell getting out of their family boat they were cleaning in the driveway of their home, and fractured her skull. She is in ICU in a Pittsburgh hospital. She lost consciousness for a bit, but seems to be more stable at this time. Due to Covid, her husband isn’t able to stay with her tonight in the ICU. He can’t go see her until tomorrow morning. They have two girls age eight and six that also saw her fall. They are both extremely distraught. Please pray for Brittaney’s recovery, and comfort for her husband Ian and their girls.

Anonymous: 7-26

Asking for prayers for a friend who is having open heart surgery in the next day or two. He's had some challenges in life, but serves God and is a faithful man.

Sarah Chaddock: 7-23

Praise: My dad is doing a little better. His sickness/inflamed colon was from the bacterial infection, C-Diff. They have been treating him w/strong antibiotics which seem to be helping. He gained 4 pounds in 5 days time & is improving even with a strict diet. Asking continued prayers for complete healing from this, that his Dr would have wisdom about dad’s health issues & how to proceed concerning the aneurysm/surgery plus strength & protection for my mom & sister as they care for him (Bud, Millie & Kim).

Also asking continued prayers for my sister to find a job that offers health insurance.