Prayer List

Beth Rosanna: 10-22-19

My dad is having surgery Tuesday morning. Please pray for his healing and his medical team.

Anonymous: 10-22-19

I recently took a new job thinking that it was what God wanted and would be best for my family. I am now really unsure about my decision, not liking the work environment and encountering challenges with being done in time to pick up my kiddo from school. I may have an opportunity to work elsewhere but I want to do the Lord's will. Please pray that God would give me wisdom and encouragement.

Anonymous: 10-21-19

Possibly a very exciting opportunity to gain some exceptional experience in my field of expertise but taking the job carries with it some heavy circumstances. Please pray for patience, strength, clarity, humility, understanding and perfect love for me and my family.

Kathy Schnell: 10-21-19

Please lift up our daughter-in-law Lindsey at the unexpected death of her father. Pray that God would hold Lindsey and Jonathan very near, and grace the entire family with His comfort and peace.

Melissa Grimes: 10-20-19

Please keep our granddaughter Violet in prayer. She hit her head really hard and it swelled up. Her mom is taking her to the hospital now. Thank you.

Faith Binotto: 10-20-19

Please pray Leah, Chloe and Jacob. They are fighting colds for what seems to be the last 3 weeks to a month with only 1 or 2 good days in between the next cold. Please specifically pray for healing for all 3 but especially for Leah. She is wheezing and has only had 3 days off her breathing treatments. We are starting them again today. Also please pray for Chris and his safety and comfort. He will be at Camp Dawson for training all week.

Randi Wilson: 10-17-19

Bradley is about to have surgery to have his appendix taken out, pray for no complications and quick recovery. Thanks.Bradley is about to have surgery to have his appendix taken out, pray for no complications and quick recovery. Thanks.

Update: 10-18-19

Surgery went well last night! Praise God! He will be coming home today. Continue to please pray for his recovery and adjusting with pain at home. Thank you all for all your support. It has meant the world to us!

Anonymous: 10-16-19

Please continue to pray for Dan Workman. He is in a lot of pain and his lungs are worse today among other complications from his three surgeries. Please pray for his wife, Sharon, this is a very difficult time for her also.

Tara Philips: 10-16-19

My husband John Phillips had a terrible accident at work yesterday involving an aerosol paint can. It exploded into his face and he is currently in the Operating Room to undergo some extensive surgery to replace bone fragments and repair the Frontal Sinus Fracture, along with many other face fractures. Just asking that you keep him in your prayers during surgery and the long recovery road after. Thank you so much.

Anonymous: 10-16-19

Please pray for a breakthrough with my job. I need wisdom and discernment for job/career direction. And peace overall.

Kelsey Waggoner: 10-15-19

My close friend's daughter took her life this weekend. She was 17-18 yrs old. It is unclear whether she had a relationship with the Lord, but please pray for my friend, her family, friends, and classmates that will be navigating her loss over the next weeks, years, etc. I pray that my friend clings to the Lord in this situation and can feel His presence and comfort during this time. Thank you.

Ashley Voithofer: 10-15-19

I’d like to please ask for prayer for our friend’s daughter and Natalie’s volleyball teammate, Ellie Thorton. Ellie is currently at Ruby and doctors are leaning towards aplastic anemia diagnosis. She has received a blood transfusion and next steps are bone marrow transplant in Pittsburgh. Her mother has asked that we pray God will erase any doubt from Ellie‘s mind because she’s really scared. Please pray for complete healing, courage and strength for the whole family, along with God guiding the doctors and giving them wisdom. Thank you so much!

Lana Morgan: 10-10-19

One of my friends found out last night that her friends lung collapsed. This is the second time this has happened this year. Please just pray that he won’t have to have surgery and that he will be able to return back home soon.