Prayer List

Randi Wilson: 5-21-19

Pray for my friend Kimber please. The father of her kids was found dead this morning. She has 3 young girls. He had addiction, due to that she had kicked him out of her house over the weekend. Pray that she doesn’t blame herself or carry the weight of this. Pray for the children also to not carry such weight. Pray that this brings them closer to God. Thanks.

Randi Wilson: 5-20-19

Please pray for Alli, she has strep again. This is the 3rd time since Easter. Pray for her healing, for the antibiotics to work this time, and for it not to come back. Next step would be to take her tonsils out. I’ve never dealt with that or been through that. So just please pray for it to not continue and that we won’t have to do that. Thanks.

Toni Marko: 5-20-19

Today is Chase’s 2nd birthday in Heaven. We are so blessed knowing he’s with GOD. Please take time today to pray for all the people with addictions and their families who may not know God. I don’t know how you would get thru this without HIM. Thank you.

Anonymous: 5-17-19

Please pray for baby Maddison. She needs a safe home.

Dean Van Sickle: 5-17-19

Prayers for my wife Brandi, she crushed bone and almost cut finger off at work. Prayers for healing and strength.

Sarah Chaddock: 5-17-19

Joel’s dad will be having open heart surgery today. He does not know the Lord.

Connie Braham: 5-17-19

Please pray for doctors and Rich today as he is having 2 artificial discs placed in his neck (C6 & C7). His surgery is scheduled for noon and they said it would last approx 4 hrs. Thank you so much.

Update: 5-17-19

God is so amazing! Rich’s surgery went fantastic. They were able to remove his bad discs and bone spurs, relieve his nerve pressure and put in the artificial discs. He is now heading to recovery room. Thank you for your prayers. Our God is Awesome!

Erin Perry: 5-15-19

A friend of mine, Danielle lost her eldest daughter Jordan (16) unexpectedly on May 7th, they have 3 other children and are due with a baby girl any day. Danielle is a believer but her faith is being tested right now and she is specifically asking for prayers in that regard, praying that she doesn’t lose sight that God is in control. Please also be praying for comfort for her and her family as they navigate this new life.

Julie Mathess: 5-15-19

Please pray for Hunter. He has surgery to replace his chest port tomorrow. Pray for it to go well and for him to have no complications.

Matt & Sande Morgan: 5-15-19

Please be praying as I will be having my second surgery tomorrow morning. Also, please pray for our children as two woke up this morning with the stomach virus and one with upper respiratory issues. Please pray that the rest of the family stays well and especially for me to stay healthy during this process.

Sharon Workman: 5-15-19

Please pray for a friends fiance. He is in congestive heart failure at MGH. I don't know if he is a believer. Thank you.

Anonymous: 5-15-19

Job interview today. Feeling very nervous. I need wisdom on how to answer interview questions as well as what questions to ask.

Sasha: 5-13-19

Travis has a scan today along with other tests and appointments throughout the week.

Update: 5-17-19

Praise God! Travis is still in remission. Please continue to keep us in prayer.

Rick: 5-11-19

My coworker Jamie ‘s daughter is pregnant with twins. Her doctor told her that she might lose one of the twins. Please pray for the family and health for both of the babies.

Sarah Chaddock: 5-6-19

Please continue to pray that the Lord would provide a new job for my sister Kim as her current position ends May 31. She is also concerned about not having insurance which is needed for health issues.