Prayer List

Lana Plume: 2-14-19

Please pray for God's protection and healing for a family member.

Dee Corcoran: 2-13-19

Second showing of son’s home in Dallas. Please pray for sale of home. His family has already relocated to Denver.

Melissa Grimes: 2-13-19

Our son Isaiah has a chance at a really good job. We don't know all the details but this is something we've been praying for his family. Asking for prayer that if this is the right job for him and his family he'll be hired.

Sasha: 2-12-19

Travis has his three month scan this week. Please pray for God’s continued grace of a remission report if it’d be His will. Please also pray that all anxiety would be cast out and we’d both draw closer to Him.

Deanna Green: 2-11-19

Pray that my son Dominic gets a full time job and for his salvation.

Dean & Brandi Van Sickle: 2-12-19

We would like to thank our church family for all the text messages, phone calls, card, visits at our home and the hospital and all the delicious meals that were provided. All of the love and support is greatly appreciated during the lost of our child.

Josh & Breanne Farris: 2-11-19

We are just leaving the pediatrician with news that we may have to be readmitted for some minor complications with Benjamin. Please pray that we can avoid more stay in the hospital and that Josh and I can continue to rest at home. Also for continuing recovery for me following Benjamin's arrival.

Update: 2-14-19

I am facing a 3rd hospital admission in less than a week for post-partum complications. This time for me and not for Ben. Please pray that I may recover quickly, so that our little family can rest.

Brenda/Xiao: 2-10-19

Thank you for your prayers. You, my church family, are truly appreciated and loved. My father passed away this evening. Please continue to pray for my mother and our family.

Shaelyn Morgan: 2-8-19

Please pray for both of my friends that are in the hospital in critical condition. Pray for both family’s as they go through this.

Update: 2-16-19

My friend past on yesterday and I am hoping he’s in a better place. Please pray for the family. Also be praying for the Bruceton students and Preston High students. Brayden made friends everywhere.

Rick Lawson: 2-8-19

Judy Burnside is going in for open heart surgery tomorrow. Prayers for a good outcome. She is my co-worker’s mother-in-law.

Matt & Sande Morgan: 2-6-19

Four boys from our community were in a horrible car accident this afternoon/evening. Two of the boys are in critical condition. Please pray for the boys and their families.

Update: 2-15-19

Continue to pray for the families of the young boys in the car accident. Brayden’s Family will be saying their goodbye to him today as he will be taken off life support. Christian W. has a long road to recovery. Pray for Cordell M. (driver) and Christian F. as they recover both physically and mentally. This accident has had a huge impact on the students of Bruceton School as these boys grew up in the community and their siblings attend Bruceton.

Denise: 2-7-19

My friend Karen Lloyd, 43 years old, is in the ICU with pneumonia and fast heart rate. She is a Christian, has a husband and two children. Please pray for her and her family. Thank you.

Matt Morgan: 2-6-19

Pray for several students who have had questions concerning the Lord lately in my history class, as we cover Judaism. He opened the door to answer them from Scriptures. Pray for the seeds planted, His protection/watering of them, and their eyes to be opened to their need for the Savior.