Prayer List

Anonymous: 7-31-18

Please pray for my mom, Vicki. She had a mini stroke 3 days ago and as of last night her blood pressure was sky high. She has refused to go to the ER although she knows she should. 

Also, my daughter's anxiety has escalated and we are taking her to the Doctor Wednesday at 7:45am. Thank you so much for interceding.

Mission Team Cheyenne River: 7-30-18

Pray for the community of Cherry Creek. It is located in a very secluded area, the children are very reserved and have a lack of trust of adults. There is a solid church that has planted a Christian school in the middle of the community. We will be there Wednesday loving the families and sharing the Gospel. Pray for open doors and divine appointments.

Anonymous: 7-30-18

Please pray for comfort for my husband's great Aunt Carol. She may have suffered a heart attack this morning. Also, please pray for strength and comfort for him and his family.

Sara Graziani: 7-29-18

My dad's pickup was hit this morning and it nearly moved into my grandmothers' home. My grandma was inside the home near where the car crashed. She was very anxious, angry, and scared. Pray for her as she has a difficult time dealing with troubling times. Also, pray for insurance and that everything goes through.

Brenda: 7-27-18

Just got off the phone with my dad's oncologist that this chemo appears to be controlling the cancer for now. God is awesome and faithful! Praise our Lord! He is so amazing and gracious!

Megan Landis: 7-26-18

My mom is having a hip replacement Thursday morning. Please pray for a safe and effective surgery and recovery. Thank you.

Anonymous: 7-25-18

Cancer patient: Surgery today to remove the tumor and reconstruction of the affected areas/organs.

Update: 7-27-18

Cancer patient recovering from surgery is in a lot of pain.

Wanda Sirk: 7-23-18

Please pray for a neighborhood family in Rolling Hills. Chloey, an 8 year old little girl, was accidentally shot Friday night. She is in intensive care at the hospital. Chloey and her sisters lost their father earlier this month, and a grandfather last Thursday. Please pray for the mother and little girls as they go through this horrible time. Pray for healing and comfort for all! Thank you!

Dean Van Sickle: 7-23-18

Please pray for a long time family friend that just had surgery on her colon and is not doing well. Pray for healing and strength.

Anonymous: 7-20-18

We are trying for a baby and would like prayer that God will give us peace as we wait, and help me to stop stressing about it so much.

Heather Laurie: 7-20-18

Pray for healing is needed. I have a blood infection that will require IV medication, a minor surgery, and a hospitalization. Thank you and God bless.

Sasha: 7-20-18

My friend/coworker's daughter, Heather, is having part or all of her lung removed today due to sarcoma.

Anonymous: 7-17-18

My tenant's daughter was diagnosed with lymes disease. Please pray for strength and healing for both. Mother is a believer, but struggling with it.

Jack Roth: 7-17-18

Please pray for Carol for relief from severe headache and radiating pain.

Update: 7-24-18

Found nodules on her thyroid and a small aneurism in the head. She's at home, unable to eat much. Jack is taking care of her. Thank you.