Prayer List

Sheran: 8-17-19

Please pray for my two eldest cousins who live in Hong Kong. They are suffering anxiety and depression. With the months-long social movement, police over-violence, fake news, and pressure from China, they as well as many Hong Kong people are emotionally vulnerable. Thank you for your prayers. May God’s hands be with Hong Kong and His name be glorified!

Anonymous: 8-16-19

Silent prayer request.

Anonymous: 8-16-19

Please pray for a co-worker recovering from emergency surgery for healing, restoration, and comfort. Thank you!

Raymond McCartney: 8-15-19

Prayers for my brother Mike today. He is having cataract surgery.

Renee Cooper-Franz: 8-15-19

Please pray for my friend Dan. His wife underwent a double mastectomy Monday. They couldn’t find clean margins around the large tumors. She’ll need a 3rd surgery. Dan is very angry with God. His faith, strength and peace are faltering. To top it off their two girls are starting college this year and next. In the midst of this transition and struggle their family could use being lifted up. Please help me pray for them. Thank you friends.

Anonymous: 8-14-19

In the process of job searching. Please pray for an opportunity that will provide well for our family. Also that we will follow God's will throughout the search.

Anonymous: 8-14-19

I have a job interview this afternoon. Please pray for God’s leading and for alignment with His will. Also, that I’d strive to always be walking in the Spirit in bringing glory to Him.


Please pray for Mariah. She is 17 years old and has been missing for 20 hours. Please pray for her safety and for peace for her family.


Update: Mariah is safe at home.

Nina Rudmann: 8-13-19

Please pray for Mark, and for the doctors to determine why he was having terrible chest pain early this morning.

Sarah Chaddock: 8-12-19

Asking continued prayers for my sister Kim as she is in need of employment. She has had several interviews with a couple call backs, so praying for an open door and wisdom in her decisions.

Update: 8-15-19

Praise! Thank you for the prayers for my sister Kim. She was given two job offers. Now just asking prayer for wisdom to make the right choice.

Also, asking prayer for a friend’s 12 yr old daughter who had a bone biopsy on her leg last week after an abnormal MRI test. They are waiting for results.

Anonymous: 8-12-19

Please pray for a young woman who was just admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia and is septic. She is a believer and so is her family. Thank you.

Sharon Workman: 8-10-19

My grandson Petey, in the Philippines is very ill with the dengue virus. His blood counts are abnormal. His mom has not allowed them to hospitalize him as of yet. Please pray for healing and that his mom will allow what the drs prescribe for him. Thank you.

Update: 8-15-19

My grandson Petey is recovering from the dengue virus. I thank the Lord so much. Thank you all for praying.

Sarah Bishop: 8-6-19

Please pray for my Grandma. She was a victim of a home invasion early this morning. This man seems to have been very troubled and it is by God’s grace and protection that she was able to scare him off without him hurting her. She lives alone, and out of town. I’m sure she will be experiencing some stress and anxiety from this encounter. Please pray for God to comfort her and ease her mind. And for her to be able to feel safe again in her home. Pray for my Mom and Aunt as they travel to stay with her for a couple of days to repair damage to the house.

Chris Morise: 8-5-19

Please pray for my daughter-in-law’s Uncle Dave. He had a double lung transplant yesterday. The surgery went well. Praying for a full recovery, he is a believer.

Update: 8-12-19

My daughter-in-law’s Uncle Dave’s double lung transplant: please continue to pray! The lungs are doing pretty well but his heart is going in and out of irregular rhythm. Thank you!

Sharon Workman: 8-4-19

I have sciatica, please pray the pain will subside. Thank you.

Carol Roth: 8-3-19

Please pray for my sister, Jane, who had a mild heart attack last evening! She is receiving a Heparin drip to prepare for Cardiac Cath on Monday. If more than one stint is needed, she will be transferred to U of MD hospital! Your prayers are so appreciate; she has other major health issues including frequent bleeds! Thank you! She is a vibrant believer!

Jack & Carol Roth: 8-3-19

We appreciate prayer for our friend, Steve, 76, who is receiving treatment for Leukemia! He is a believer! Thank you so much!